It is a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of semi-finished paintings, taking into account the representation and agency of local and foreign companies. The company has a history of 25 years in what has been providing high standard quality products export industry, employing the best raw materials and using imported technology.


To offer and provide the best option for semi, satisfying the needs and expectations of today's changing markets.


To be recognized as the best company of semi-finished Colombia and South America, offering the best support, quality, service and support brand.

Contact Us

  • Calle 8 No. 6 - 11 Entrada 3 Cazucá
  • Soacha - Cundinamarca
  • PBX: 780 32 99 FAX: 777 22 51
  • SALES HOTLINE: 775 02 90
  • E-mail: ventas@pinturastonner.com